Our Djs: Fobia (Seven Samurai Records) – From 23:00 til 1:00 – Pista 2

This is Fobia, Seven Samurai Records owner and manager, or as she describes herself, “a brazilian djane, producer, sound engineer, samurai influenced freak”. Fobia is already pretty well known in the Breakcore/noise scene but this time she is paring up with Flipmatic to play a dub techno, back to back set. Yes, Fobia will slow it down a bit, but it will be still pretty fast and groovy for us! 😉 Let us get to know this lady a bit better. Festa Junina Berlin: We are taking you to a desert island now, but only for the weekend. What CD/vinyl are you taking with you? Fobia: A made specially for this trip “Best of Mike Patton” Compilation. Festa: Yessssss!!! FJB: How would you describe your music to someone who’s never heard it before? F: Noisy, Intense, Experimental, Chaotic. FJB: Who are you? F: I am Fobia, a brazilian djane, producer, sound engineer, samurai influenced freak! I love crazy broken fast breaks and a lot of chaotic noise! I´m the kind of girl who lies down on the dance floor, closes her eyes and lets the music take her through the most beautiful and intense journeys. On the other hand I am also very effective and down on earth when I am working on band recordings and mixdowns. But no matter in which state I´m in, I can definitely say that I am a music addict and nothing (well almost nothing 😉 gives me this incredible feeling – where the world is in the right place and I can just let go and enjoy the great energy around me – like music does! FJB: Is the bottle half full or half empty? F: Half FULL FJB: What is your favourite movie quote? F: Seven Samurai: Kambei Shimada: Danger always strikes when everything seems fine. FJB: What tune will kick ass at the Festa Junina Berlin 2011? Annos Woland “The Road” BlueCode rec 009

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