Festa Junina Berlin / 8th June 2013 @ YAAM1. Correio Elegante (Cheeky Mail)

Our Correio Elegante can send an anonymous message to someone, and she won’t ever tell the person who you are, unless you want her to.

2. Boca do Palhaço (Clown’s Mouth)

We doubt you can get 3 balls in the clown’s mouth, but if you do, you will get our special Festa Junina drink for free and enter our hall of fame!

3. Ovo na Colher (Egg on the Spoon)

You know this one. Get to the other side of the party with an egg on your spoon.

4. Corrida de três pés (Three-legged Race)

Are you really this close to your friend?

5. Dança da cadeira (Chair Dance)

The easiest and most internationally known way to look stupid and have fun

6. Prega Prega, Pregador (Clothes-peg Competition)

You must attach a box of clothes pegs to your mate, one by one. Yes. For drinks.

7. Corrida do Saci (Saci Race)

Saci is a one-legged mulato youngster with holes in the palms of his hands, who smokes a pipe and wears a magical red cap. The fastest Saci wins, if he/she doesn’t step on the line.

8. Carrinho de mão (hand-trolley)

Have you ever been a trolley before? No? So this is your chance. .♪.♫ Hands down, a** up, this is the way we like to run. .♪.♫

9. Bigode do Caipira (The countryman’s moustache)

Stick the moustache on the countryman, blindfolded.

10. Campeonato de Dobradura (Origami Competition)

The one who makes the most interesting Origami wins a drink and standing ovation.

11. Pirâmide de Cartas (Cards Pyramid)

Build the biggest card pyramid in less than 2 minutes.

12. Cabo de Guerra (Tug of War)

Drunk vs. Very drunk

13. Múmia (The Mummy)

You’ll need a friend and lots of toilet paper.

14. Roupa de Jornal (Newspaper Clothes)

Let your inner Wolfgang Joop out of the closet. We’ll give you newspaper, scissors and tape, you give us the latest newspaper fashion.

15. Estoura Bexiga (Ballon Explosion)

The winner is the one who blows the balloon until it explodes, before everyone else.

16. Estoura Bexiga 2 (Ballon Explosion 2)

Sit on the balloon

17. Estoura Bexiga 3 (Balloon Explosion 3)

Crash into your mate’s belly balloon (if that makes sense)

18. Corrida de Saco (Sack Race)

Getting inside a potato sack and running across a club’s garden has never been so exciting!

19. Mordida da Maçã (Bite the Apple)

Bite the apple without sticking your whole head in the water. Go.

20. Passa a Meia (Pass the Tights)

It’s a variation of the chair dance, but players have to go through a pair of tights (really, now I’m sure we’ve lost you)